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Sending an email or a text message is a daily habit known to almost everyone of us. But not everyone knows that sending an email or an sms to hundreds of people at the same time may be a problem both for you and for your email or card. In internet, for example, you’ll be inevitably known as a “ spammer”. Sending several emails at the same time to a single IP address ( or email address) is not good for spam “ controllers” who may ban you.

If you have a costant need in sending a great number of email or text messages ( for example: sending new lists to our customers, sending service communications, sending daily newsletters, etc…) it would be better for you trusting our right tools, which not only will save you to be classified as a spammer, but also will help you to update your lists, to control who received the communication and who didn’t receive it and, in general, to handle the whole marketing service of your company.


. Sending promotional text messages and emails to a profilated and “ consensated” Clientele

. Personalised page for filling the message in a practical and fast way

. Immediate and automatic sending to your own Customers with a simple “click”

. Availability to personalize emails with templates created “ ad hoc”

. Availability in sending text messages everytime you want

. With the first buying we’ll give you 250 text messages which are available to the user for “ SMS marketing” campaigns too


. Fundamental promotional tool in reaching your own Customers on the everyday tools too ( on smartphones and tablets too)

. No card, contacts are registered in “ virtual database” and automatically

. Availability in sending specific text messages depending on registered users’characteristics

. No expense in sending text messages for e-mail marketing

. Easy and safe sending through your personal virtual area, without using your mobile phone or other systems

. Multisending emails

. Sending messages guarantees to your activity a safe advertisement, thanks to users, who will share their experience with other people through social networks and reviews

. No task for contacts’ data treatment

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