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Our machines are constantly changing to follow our customers’needs and keeping up
with modernization.
Here we want to describe which are our utilisation philosophies.
First of all there are
shared hosting machines.
There are twin machines in HA which permit a continuity of service in every scheme
(from the greatest to the smallest) in case of problems. These are sturdy machines with
good hard disk and RAM resources. Shared band with a minimum of 10 Mps.
When we choose machines for this type of users we want to be sure about their
reliability,even before being sure they are high performance machines. All this because
we are convinced that the application model has to guarantee the continuity and
reliability before all the rest.
These are machines dedicated to whom must have a webserver,a DB server and a mail
server anyway, about a same sharing with other users.
There are also machines which host
These machines are sturdy and safe but, above all, they offer excellent performance.
They are constitued of different resources, because they have to be easily partitioned
and subdivided. Not every VM or VPS is redundant or in HA, it depends on our
customers’ needs.
There are also machines that handle applications or services used by our customers
(newsletter/mass mailing; remote backup; cloud services).
There are different kinds of machines, some of them are virtualised, others are
dedicated. Targeted applications are launched on them with the goal to give a specific
In the end there are
dedicated servers
Some of these machines are ours, while others belong to the customers who entrust
them to us for the management and the maintenance. Sizes and typologies of these
machines are different, and they are studied and made available for every customer’s
needs and his projects.
Everything mentioned above leans on internal and external storage (NAS or SAN), if
requested by projects.
All our machines belong to us or are in leasing, it depends on moment’s specific needs.
Generally we prefer Dell or HP,but,when it occurs, we take the offer of other suppliers.