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Notelseit srls is an agency specialised in websites development, mobile applications, web researcher’s optimization (SEO) and server handling. About web marketing solutions, the agency focuses, in a particular way, on handling of administration of customer’s social profiles, on “viral marketing” procedures, on texts reduction (web copywriting) and press communications, and in email and text messages sending for a promotional goal too. In particular advertisement occasions, Notelseit is ableto handle events organization too.

Notelseit developed solutions and projects for the most important ID industries and other ones. Using tested methodologies in these years allow us in giving resultsin the agreed times.

Our customers can trust on specialised and certificated skills in different sectors ( system, safety,applications).
Our projects quality is guaranteed by our team’s harmony, which is formed by specialised experts who are able to handle all the productive phases, from design to testing.

Our team is formed by experts who love their job, who love what they do and who are always ready in fighting new challenges. Before being experts who collaborate each other, we are a skill network.

We know that, in this complex and competitive world, we were survivors, doing just “ a little of everything” to go on.
So we decided to put our energies together, so everyone could do “ his best”, having a reciprocal advantage and, above all, giving the best to our customers.

We follow in a direct way our machines and our customers’projects, giving them reliability, a costant assistance and the right solutions for their needs. We are people, we are a company, and for that we suppose to understand other companies and people’s needs.

We have worked in ID world since 20 years, everyone of us with their own specific skills, surrounded by other experts which have to be involved when it occurs.

We love our job and for that we think to be different.