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It’s nowadays obvious to people that media world is totally centred on websites. Anyway, the possibility of “traditional” media as Radio and Tv’s fruition, if we use wisely new technologies, multiply itself with the goal to trasform past medias into more interesting tools for people who seek infrastructural solutions at a low price and without territorial limitations.

Web Radio and TV are potentially illimitated on Internet, where they don’t depend on repeaters and antennas. They, through websites, can increase the reference market and sponsors’ interest.

We know, experiencing ourselves, that is quite impossible that a WEB radio project or TV one become “ packageble”, because every project has its own specific skills ( goals, number of potential users, targets, etc…).

Knowing this we invite you to contact us ( to show us your project. You can have trust on our experts who will help you to find the easiest solution for your need.