What is Certified M@il?

Certified M@il is a service of electronic communication between Citizen and Public Administration.

This kind of service is free and it turns:

to every older italian citizen ( even if he or she lives abroad)

to every older foreign citizen living in italian territory having with them a fiscal Code, and in the case of extra-UE citizens with a residency permit, or a valid“model 22 A with hologram”

Through Certified M@il every citizen can have a safe and certificated dialogue with Public Administration, and you can do this at home or with the help of any tool which is capable to surf on internet, without going to the competent offices. This service allows to:

requesting/sending informations to the Public Administrations

– sending instances/ documentation to the Public Administrations

– receveing documents, informations, communications from Public Administration

Public Administrations are available for the citizen in their address book, which is actually in progress.

Certified M@il service:

has all the certified electronic mail guarantees

allows you to give an e-mail full legal validity in the cases provided by the law;

garantisce data e ora riferiti all’accettazione e alla consegna del messaggio e l’integrità del contenuto trasmesso.

Certified M@il  guarantees a closed and exclusive communication channel between Public Administration and Citizen. In fact, there are no communications outside this channel, for example, between Citizen and Citizen.

Certified M@il  enabled by the Public Administration for its employees (as Citizens) are entirely equivalent to the PostaCertificat @ boxes for the Citizen.
How to apply for Certified M@il?
To request the activation of the Certified M@il  service just connect to www.notelseit.com or (click here) and follow the steps in the procedure that allows you to enter the request quickly and easily.

The procedure provides:

a. Entering the requested data: Citizen inserts the data useful for its activation request. Required data include:
personal data, including tax code
postal domicile for any communications in paper form
telephone contacts (fixed and mobile)
traditional e-mail address
password access to Certified M@il  services, which can then be changed at any time through a dedicated Web Portal function
any other data
b. Password Selection: The Citizen inserts the password to use for accessing the Web Portal and, once registered, uses the Certified M@il  box and the associated services. In addition, the citizen will have to select the secret questions that are needed to recover the password in case you forget it.
c. Citizen's acceptance of the contractual terms of service and the implications of adherence to it in relations with the Public Administration: Citizen must expressly accept the contractual terms of service to proceed with the request.

d. Finalization of the request: Citizen confirms the summary of the entered data and the requested services and submits the request.

e. Quotation of the request: Citizen will display the main data relating to his request, including the Customer Code and the user ID required for access to the service. The interactive activation request procedure concludes with the display of the request outcome containing all the information needed to proceed with subsequent activation at authorized post offices. It is advisable for the citizen to print the Exit of the Request.

How to edit your data?
How to change your password
Citizens can change their password at any time through the password modification feature available at www.notelseit.com. By accessing the Home Page and subsequently to the Support Area, you are prompted for the user to enter the new password directly and confirm it. After the new password is entered, the user will have to save the new password.

Password Recovery
If the user wants to retrieve his password, in the Home Page of the site, in the Login section, there is a "Forgot password?" Link. The user, after entering his / her User ID, will display a form in which are presented the secret questions to be answered by the fields to enter and confirm the new password.

Editing data
The Citizen will be able to modify your data directly from your private home page by clicking on "Your Data". The box containing all the data entered during the registration will be displayed and the data that each user wishes to update will be editable. By "confirming" the changes made, the data of your card will be updated.

Certified M@il
With us you can request two types of service, depending on your needs:

- Mailbox: You have the option to choose the name of your mailbox, which can be made up of name and surname, social name, tax code, ect, posting after it @pclab.it (nomedominio@pclab.it) , at a cost of € 10.00 each (22% VAT excluded) per year. Ex. (Notelseit@pclab.it)

- Certification of your own domain: You have the right to register and certify your own domain. In addition to the name, after @ (nomedominio@xxxxxxxxx.xxx), you can customize the domain by name and surname, company name, tax code, ect, at a cost of € 30.00 each (VAT at 22% excluded) year. Eg (robertodalessio@notelseit.com). Obviously, you can add to it all the mailboxes you need at the cost above.

Cancellation of the Service
You may ask at any time to return the service or services requested through a registered A / R to send to Roberto D'Alessio's Notelseit, Via Serroni 58 - 84091 Battipaglia (SA). Before leaving the Service, the citizen will need to save the messages and documents in the PostCertificat @ system.
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