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Notelseit company offers a consulting and computer aiding service for private individuals and companies. Any problem your pc has, we’ll find the solution to solve it in the best way.

Faulty repairs in the Laboratory

  • diagnosis, faulty repairs and maintenance (periodic and extraordinary) on every computer equipment;

  • rescue, data recovery and virus removal;

  • Windows and Linux reconfiguration and base software ( office, antivirus, Internet connection, email);

  • personal computer’s upgrade and potentation, peripherals, continuity groups;

Home intervention

The service forecasts a technician intervention in the customer’s seat, to make technical activities for the laboratory, when it’s possible, or to take back failed material and bring it back sheltered. “ Intervention packages” are available in easier conditions.

Annual maintenance contract

Through this kind of service is guaranteed to the customer in his seat, in eight hours, technical aiding and the cover of every kind of failure, for an illimited defects number and for a fixed price enduring in the contract. All the installed park or part of it can be took in the operation ( for example, printers). The contract can be personalized depending on specific needs.

Base HW and SW installation

It’s a technical on-site support for hardware equipments’ installation and configuration, are they new or already working: it’s a performance requested for, as an example, moving houses or computers’ renovation and extension.

Information security

The service has the goal to give all the necessary aiding to verify and implement information security’s hardware and software devices with the goal to protect company data’s integrity in the best way, in case of external elements (firewell, antivirus), and in case of internal causes ( backup, user profile management, image disks etc.)


  • HW components’ installation and configuration ( hub, switch, router) and SW network

  • monitoring, control and certification of data transmission’s flow

  • networks administration

  • server files’ configuration and installation or mail sever on LINUX platform

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