We are able to recover data from every Hard Disk, Smartphone, Pendrive, Nas, Raid available on markets, no matter if they are USB external drive or internal hard drive. Recovery data service is guaranteed for new SSD disks ( solid-state drive) too. Actual success, in a global way, about new data recovery recent arrivals in laboratories is guaranteed at 90%. This means that every 100 disks stock arrived in laboratories, 90 of them are recoverable.

The most frequent cases of damage found are:

  • Mechanical disk dropping stock

  • Accidental bump to the the disk while it’s on and it’s working ( writing-lecture phase)

  • Damages to internal firmware which manifest with no access to data or incorrect disc capacity

  • Fast disconnection of the external USB external disk cable while the disk was working

  • Disk formatting with overwriting customer data

  • Electrical shocks because of current rush or lightning which manifest with a head’s click or apparent disk’s death

Any problem you have don’t be worried about it, and above all, don’t try to solve it “ on your own”. Wrong maneuvers can increase the gravity of your problem with the risk to lose your data.

Contact us, just for an advice first ( www.notelseit.com/contatti/). If an advice is free, a wrong technical initiative let your data fall lost forever. Fill in the form to request a quote ( www.notelseit.com/preventivo/).