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Make sure your company through SSL certificates. SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer) procedure is a protocol that allows you to share informations in a safe a way, guaranteeing the utmost confidentiality and customer’s data protection, including credit cards, passwords and personal informations. Relying on SSL procedure is the easiest way to increase your customers’ trust in your online business.

What are SSL certificates?

SSL certifications ( generally called “public key digital certificates”) are necessary digital certificates in order to make more sure the transitions which work in a specific web space (sites or specific pages).

First goal is to transmit safety to web’s visitor, especially when the visitor put on it important or delicate data ( credit cards, psswords, etc…).

There are two kinds of certificates: the first one( the most simple and immediate system) consists in trasmitting to the visitor data and informations in a legible way; the second one is issued by a certification body who makes the procedure much more complex through some “ Encryption keys”. Depending on your own needs you can choose the first or the second of these systems. Certificates’ costs increase in according to complexity’s increasing ( and in according to safety provided) and they can vary depending on guarantees provided by Certification body.

How an SSL certificate works?

An SSL certificate works through some cryptographic keys which hide operations carried out in a client-server system. A codex presence allows a safe communication between sender and recipient. Just the stakeholders can have access to transmitted informations, these last ones going on to the decryption through protection keys.

Why choosing an SSL certificate?

Digital certificates encrypt the informations sent by your customer and, at the same time, they authenticate your website’s identity. These are two fundamental operations, above all in case of requesting users’ login and password by your site.

Do SSL certificates work with every browser?

SSL certificates are compatible with the great part of browsers.

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