Buy our technical support

Our technical support is guaranteed in different ways which depend on type of contract signed. If you have the need to make and activity and few time or competence to make it indipendently, or if you request an extra support, you can subscribe our long support’s packages to involve us if necessary, with a clear, convenient and agreed price.

If you have a server of yours, and no way or time to handle and secure it( even at providers different from us), we can do it for you through assistance contracts which will guarantee operations’ continuity, because of monthly payments, and they’ll also allow you to dedicate yourself completely yo your business without thinking to technical worries.

Our contracts have a three months minimum enduring for the startup ( we need time in knowing your machine and your needs) and for the monthly renewal. Anyway we offer annual formulas which are more advantageous in an economical point of view.

In case you need other info or you doubt about the best solution for you, have a look to our FAQ ( or contact us (