Websites, SEO and Viral Marketing
We propose ourselves as partners for people who believe that the creation of their own
website is a job which has to be made by a professionist, who can guarantee a solid and
safe technical structure, a suitable graphic for all media ( mobile ones too), with
congruous contents to the message the person wants to transmit, contents which allow
the reaching of important positions in web searchers.
Our services of websites, SEO and viral marketing realization go far beyond the simple
technical realization, they have the goal to choose the best infrastructural solution,
personalized to customer’s message and market target.
iOS apps and Android realization
This service, which is mainly aimed at business owners ( and not only at them), will
allow you to have your own application on iOS and Android platform. Through the APP
users will be able to do fast actions in an easy way, as for example make a reservation,
adhere to a coupon or an offer, buying a product directly online.
We’ll give you a professional application which is easy and enjoyable for the consumer,
who is the final user. Acting in this way you’ll be able to promote your activity at its
best, in facilitating any reservations and in buying services and products, and, above all,
in building a circle of loyal customers to whom communicate in a direct way offers and
Web-based applications
To a company, Internet simbolyzes a tool which, if used in a good way, can guarantee
more efficience at low prices, investments for productivity and data safety, new markets
and new ways in communicating with your own clients.
Among our services:
– Remote backup
– Cloud service
– e-commerce realization
– electronic invoicing
– Document management
Joomla, WordPress and CMS development
Template Responsive: we realize professional templates with responsive technology
through HTML5 and CSS3 use, to make your website clearly visible on mobile
dispositives like Ipad, Android and Windows Phone.
– Personalized extensions: our qualified joomla, drupal and magento programmers will
be able to personalize your extensions or to create new ones using PHP and Jquery
– Migration to new versions: our experts let your own CMS migrate to the latest
versions, adapting eventual components, forms and not yet updated plugins’ code.
– Conversions from PSD to templates: we transform your PSD graphics in joomla, drupal
and magento templates, using xhtml/css/php code, optimized for a correct visualization
on the most popular browsers.
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